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Joten III is a strange planet. From the outside it looks like a purely white sphere, and it is. There is a mile of ice separating the endless ocean from the inhospitable surface. Below the Ice, the ocean is up to nine miles deep. You lived in a colony down here. You were just a relatively normal person going about your life. You were fortunate enough to be out in the water when the creatures attacked. In moments, the Arcology you called home was reduced to rubble and you were set adrift in The Trench.

This is a game about deception, first and foremost. Nothing is quite as it seems. Sometimes you will encounter little white lies, and other times the shapes in the darkness that look like things that will help you are actually creatures intent on destroying you.

This is a very early alpha build. Nothing is set in stone and anything can be changed to improve the game. Only the first level is playable and it does not have a set end point. Once I figure out how long to make the first level and figure out some basic Unity animation, I will add cutscenes and a transition from the shoot-em-up style main game and the dialogue-driven segments in between.

If you have any suggestions or notice any bugs, do not hesitate to point them out. This is my first serious game project, so I'm still learning a lot about the process.


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